IPad Links

My School’s IPad User Group Blog

Kathy Shrock’s Ipad Resource Page

IPads in Education Ning

ISENet NING iPad Group

Teach with your iPad wiki

IPads at Burley

IPads for Learning- 21 steps to Success

The Digital Media Diet

The IPad Live Binder

List of IPad Resources via Steve Anderson’s Blog

Apps in Education Wiki

2 Responses to IPad Links

  1. Alex Ragone says:

    Network learning 101. Thanks for the great resources!

  2. Sarah Beneke says:


    What a fabulous blog! I am part of the 21st Century Research and Design Team at my school, Old Trail School, in Bath, Ohio. I read in Collegiate’s magazine about your conference and work with intergrating iPads. Can’t wait to read all on your blog!!

    Still missing my days at Collegiate!


    Sarah Beneke

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