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Imagine… Exploding the Faculty Meeting

As the school year began, we presented an idea to our department chairs. What if we replaced faculty meetings with professional development groups that were passion based? What if we followed these 4 simples guidelines: choose, collaborate, create, and share? … Continue reading

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Manning Scores a Touchdown- Kent that is!

It was easy from the beginning. I had a full day to plan appropriate tech workshops for the lower school faculty. We were in the middle of developing our writing curriculum so digital storytelling seemed like a wonderful idea.  I … Continue reading

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Is the first time the best time?

In 2008 a group of us got together for our very first digital photography project on flickr. We were part of a plp and undertook to take a photo a day for 31 days in October. We knew most of … Continue reading

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How to be essential about Mysteries?

It is that time of year again. We have begun creating our new collaborative unit. Last year we developed our K-4 integrated unit on Rivers.  After a hot debate, we have chosen Mysteries Around the World. We are collecting our enduring … Continue reading

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Ipad a Story

As I began to investigate ipad apps for story writing to introduce to the faculty, I realized they fell into two groups.  There are those that allow you to create your own story and use images, sound, and text in … Continue reading

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Open the Windows

Personal growth is very important to me. I follow the usual routes: reading, attending conferences, visiting other schools, experimenting. This year I realized there is one other hugely important source- right in front of me. An influx of new teachers … Continue reading

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Through My Female Lens- Boys Part 1

I work with boys but I also work with a lot of women. These women, and I, are in charge of all of the boys. A few years ago we learned about how we are actually quite different from our … Continue reading

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Before and After: Changing my Environment

I moved into my closet like office over 10 years ago. I attempted to make it bright and cheery and had plenty of visitors, both young and old. Three weeks ago and after a couple of weeks on pinterest, I … Continue reading

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August 10 for 10 (or 20)- My Take

Here is my contribution for this marvelous project– teachers listing their top 10 picture books and blogging about it. My reasoning behind some of my choices: Being a curriculum coordinator, I’m not in a classroom but might be called into … Continue reading

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I-P-A-D Marks out of 10!

I start with me- I am the I. I was given my own ipad a year ago- I then introduced a set of eight to be used in our Lower School. I oversaw their use, the purchase of apps, and was … Continue reading

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