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As I began to investigate ipad apps for story writing to introduce to the faculty, I realized they fell into two groups.  There are those that allow you to create your own story and use images, sound, and text in your own way. Then there are apps that guide you through the story making process with the help of steps, scenery, and props (often that are rather commercial and rather cutesey). Here are the ones we are going to investigate and use with our students.

Group 1: Open-ended ipad apps to tell stories using your images

StoryKit  Meant as an app to read stories, it has the capability for you to create stories. You can use photos or draw your own illustrations and write and record text.Here is a slideshare on Storykit with an example of a story.

Sonic Pics Another easy to navigate app that uses a series of photos with a recorded text.  Read how Maria Caplin has used this app in this post.

Storyrobe An app that uses photos and your recording and turns them into a video.  See some on this blog from a school in the UK.

Here is a wonderful screencast showing Wesley Fryer demoing all the last three apps.

Strip Designer  I have used this with boys in grades 1-4 and absolutely love it. The app is easy to use and the results were incredibly creative. Here is a slideshare from Lucas Gillispe.

Story Buddy Some good updates have improved this app.


Group 2: Create a story using our “stuff” apps

Toontastic A truly intuitive and engaging app for all ages K-4.  Here is Kathy Burdick’s review and a post about using Toontastic in the math classroom by Andy Russell.

Story Patch Build a story by following a road and making choices. Here is a simple overview on the Apps for Learning blog.


Story Wheel is a good app for building language and practicing oral storytelling. You spin a wheel and record a story based on the objects that it lands on. The AppModo blog explains how this helps our students with imagination.

Puppet Pals allows you to create a show (or story) using puppets and scenery.A youtube video that will demo this app.

I would love to hear how you have used these apps and about other story telling apps you have found!


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5 Responses to Ipad a Story

  1. Abi Woldhuis says:

    So true…I find the same with web based programs for story publishing. Little Bird Tales – open ended digital story program where kids can add drawings, scanned images or photos. Story Bird lets kids create stories with the sites images ams tools. I couldnt verbalize the difference as well as you – well put!

  2. Penny says:

    Love the dichotomy!!

    We used StoryRobe during a very quick workshop at the Australian Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association conference earlier this year. In under 50 minutes, teachers (most of whom were completely new to iPads and iPods!) created stories to share 🙂 Proved that it was do-able in “one lesson” provided the photos are prepped and there’s a story to tell.


    • mhutchinson says:

      I am now trying to design some professional development. Did your teachers have the story ready (the writing piece) before the meeting?

  3. Brian Vitarisi says:

    I have used both Story Kit and Sonic Pics. Both are fantastic. I prefer Story Kit because it allows the students to illustrate their story as well as narrate and type text.

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