Before and After: Changing my Environment

The Before: Clutter, Standard Furniture, Old Carpet

I moved into my closet like office over 10 years ago. I attempted to make it bright and cheery and had plenty of visitors, both young and old. Three weeks ago and after a couple of weeks on pinterest, I realised I was not looking forward to being in this little hole. I had to do something. One sleepless night on the internet and a 3 hour design star moment in Ikea was all that it took ( and a few little trips elsewhere). Have to say, I’ve blown the socks off at everyone at school- we are not a school known for our decor! We mustn’t forget how important our environment is.




Step 1: Find something to pull the space together and to set the color scheme. Mine was the rug.

Step 2: Buy things you really love. I found 2 unique but complimentary chairs.

Step 3: Clear out the clutter and store your stuff in containers and on clean, bright shelves.

Step 4: Add in accessories and decoration that will make you smile.


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  1. Melanie,

    Love it! Also really appreciate the posting and the steps. You make it seem doable for anyone. Environment whether online or in person has to be welcoming and feed the soul to add the energy. There is no reason because we are in education that we have to live in clutter or unorganized abandonment. I love how you have shown you can realign your resources. This is the same theory we can put in practice with the education system in general – how do we use what we have differently and transform into our future.

    Thanks for showing us how a small change can make a difference.

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