US Dante iPad Class

Fill out the following survey:

Update Password -  Settings -> Passcode Lock

Configure email -Turn off notifications

Create iTunes Account:  If you don’t already have an iTunes account, you will need to do the following:
- Attempt to buy a free app like Evernote or OverTheAir. When it asks for what credit card you’ll be using, select none.
- iTunes still requires a billing address so you can use your address or the school’s: 260 West 78th Street, New York, NY

Configure iCloud – Settings -> iCloud:
- Turn off Contacts, Mail, Calendar, and reminders.
- Make sure “Find my iPad” is on.

Download the following apps via the emailed purchase codes/links; Goodreader, Pages, and Keynote.

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2 Responses to US Dante iPad Class

  1. Bill sweeney says:

    “create an iTunes account”!
    Charles, I thought we hated iTunes and didn’t want to have it on our computers. Are we going forward with the iPad/iTunes use in the classroom or not? Bill

    • Charles Quirin says:

      Bill, Creating an iTunes account isn’t the same as installing iTunes on a computer. You are required to have an iTunes account in order to install any apps on your iPad.
      Although we don’t hate the iTunes application we dislike what it does to our computers and applications, we’ve had numerous issues with the application including Outlook hangs caused by an iTunes add in. Because these issues greatly affect computer performance and reliability we cannot support iTunes installations as our number one priority is to ensure that your computer is fully functional and doesn’t interfere with your work.

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