Upper School iPad Deployment

Over your next two classes, we’re going to be setting up your iPads for use in Mrs. Hansell’s Art and Religion course.  We have some specific apps, links, and configuration steps you’ll need to take over the classes so your iPad will be ready to go for your class.

We’re going to start with some background information on this project, your responsibilities, how to maintain the iPad and our responsibilities to you.

Next we’ll take a quick survey.

Last, we’ll start the iPad deployments.  Here are the instructions you’ll follow:

1. Update Passwords – please select a password you will remember.

2. Configure email– turn off notifications.

4. Create Amazon account:

    • Go to amazon.com via Safari
    • Create an account
    • Give Mr. Ragone your email address via this link
    • He will gift you the books for your class this afternoon

3. Create iTunes Account:  If you don’t already have an iTunes account, you will need to do the following:

    • Attempt to buy a free app like Evernote or OverTheAir. When it asks for what credit card you’ll be using, select none.
    • iTunes still requires a billing address so you can use your address or the school’s: 260 West 78th Street, New York, NY

4. Download the following apps:

    • Kindle – free: Your books for class will be in Kindle
    • OverTheAir – free: You’ll access resources for class via this app.
    • Evernote – free: Cloud based note taking software that will synchronize between your iPad and a desktop, laptop or mobile phone.
    • Download QuickOfficePro – See your email for a voucher: Office software for iPad.
    • Good Reader – See your email for a voucher: PDF reading, highlighting, annotating and more.
    • Photo Sort – See your email for a voucher: Organize photos into galleries.

5. Set up Over the Air

  • Open Over the Air and select New –> WebDav server and enter the following info:

over the air

6. Create Links  — This is going to take a while so please be patient:

  • In Safari, go to: http://bit.ly/artandreligion
  • Click on the first link, select the sent to link and add the link to your desktop.  Once you’ve added a second link, create a folder and called Add each link to the folder that it’s corresponding tag links to
  • We’ll explain this visually!

7. Books:  I’ll email you links to these books over this afternoon:

From Amazon.com:

Futute of an Illusion – Freud

Civilizations and it’s Discontents:

The World’s Religions, Revised and Updated (Plus)


Post questions in the comments below.  Thanks!

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One Response to Upper School iPad Deployment

  1. Bill sweeney says:

    Looking through National Gallery, saw this image of the Shaw memorial. Was reminded of poem by Mark Doty, “Demolition” – all about endings and beginnings; note Doty’s comments on the “angel” that hovers over the doomed soldiers. The movie GLORY is based on Shaw and his troops.
    Using the pad like a student rather than like a teacher is very revealing to me – both in John Beall’s 10th grade English section and Lynn Hansel’s religion class.

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