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Could online gamers cure AIDS?

Video-game players have solved a molecular puzzle that stumped scientists for years, and those scientists say the accomplishment could point the way to crowdsourced cures for AIDS and other diseases. One of the problems with studying tiny proteins is that … Continue reading

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Mr. Hill’s Earthwatch trip to Costa Rica

As you know, Mr. Hill is spending this week in Costa Rica doing scientific research about Leatherback Turtles. He’ll tell you more about it during our assembly tomorrow, and he’s blogging about his experience here. More information about the Earthwatch … Continue reading

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Ms. Thompson's blog from Greece

I hope you all enjoyed Ms. Thompson’s assembly yesterday. As you know, she’s studying the declining bottlenose dolphin population in Greece. The population has dropped because human activity (overfishing, pollution, fertilizer run-off from farms) has killed most of the smaller … Continue reading

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New element discovered!

The Periodic Table got a little bigger this week, when scientists for the first time ever synthesized a new, heavy element by bombarding calcium atoms with the rare, heavy, radioactive element berkelium. The resulting atom was a highly unstable heavy … Continue reading

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ABE was an “autonomous underwater vehicle,” which basically means it was a robot submarine. It could be programmed with a set of instructions and do deep-sea dives on its own, recording its observations for scientists. It gave us a lot … Continue reading

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A new square on the periodic table

It’s easy to think of what elements would theoretically be like as they get bigger and bigger, but once you get to a certain point, they are unstable and aren’t found in nature. These large, theoretical elements don’t get official … Continue reading

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