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Space Shuttle Atlantis's final mission

The picture above is an amazing photo showing the space shuttle Atlantis about to dock with the International Space Station on its final mission. They passed in front of the sun for a half-second and a photographer in Spain was … Continue reading

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An unusual view of the International Space Station

NASA released this picture of the moon–that little white dot in the dark side of the moon is the International Space Station. Pretty cool! Speaking of the space station, it’s been getting some new equipment lately. On February 8th, NASA’s … Continue reading

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Closeup photos of Mars's moon

The European Space Agency’s unmanned spacecraft “Mars Express,” which is in orbit around Mars, has taken the sharpest pictures of Mars’s moon Phobos ever, in preparation for a proposed Russian mission to land a probe there. Based on the photos … Continue reading

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High Resolution photos of the Earth

The image I used as the header image for this blog came from high-resolution photos of Earth. They were taken by a camera on board NASA’s satellite “Terra,” which is in orbit 435 miles above the Earth. You can see … Continue reading

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