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Ms. Thompson's blog from Greece

I hope you all enjoyed Ms. Thompson’s assembly yesterday. As you know, she’s studying the declining bottlenose dolphin population in Greece. The population has dropped because human activity (overfishing, pollution, fertilizer run-off from farms) has killed most of the smaller … Continue reading

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Rube Goldberg device

A Rube Goldberg device is an absurdly complicated machine designed to perform a simple task in the most ridiculous way possible. They were named after Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist who drew many of these devices. Ben G. made a … Continue reading

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Cool SWN idea!

Here’s a cool, simple experiment you can try for an SWN entry. Buy some radish seeds (you can get them at a gardening store or home improvement store, such as Home Depot, or order them online.) You can germinate them … Continue reading

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What is your favorite science experiment website?

Now that we’re in trimester 3, it can be hard to think of ideas for Science Writer’s Notebook entries. As you know, I recommend the Exploratorium website for cool science experiments you can do at home, but I know that … Continue reading

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