Crazy storm on Saturn!

NASA’s Cassini probe is currently orbiting Saturn and taking close-up pictures. You can clearly see Saturn’s rings and stripes. About a year ago, on December 5th 2010, a tiny storm was noticed. By January, it had encircled the entire planet. More like a volcano of gases in Saturn’s thick atmosphere than a hurricane, it remained active for most of the year. No storm of this type or intensity has ever been noticed before.

Read more about the storm here.

And check out more information, news, and images from the Cassini mission at NASA.

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7 Responses to Crazy storm on Saturn!

  1. Jonathan Bass says:

    that sounds extremely COOL because anything that is an alein storm is SUPER COOL

  2. Lorenzo Bocchetti says:

    Thats really weired but really interesting, It almost doesn’t seem possible. YES THAT WAS MY PLANET!!!

  3. Ben Samuels says:

    what is it??? do we not know? its gas but not?

  4. Chris Schiller Chris Schiller Chris Schiller Chris Schiller Chris Schiller says:

    Wait, a storm around the entire planet? Woah. So cool!

  5. Gabe Straus says:

    I wonder how the differences in the composition of the atmospheres of Saturn and Earth would effect storm formation?
    Here is a link with some more information on the storm.

  6. Oliver Cho AKA Ocho says:

    This is amazing. Another mystery for scientists to investigate

  7. Zain Ali says:

    That is a weird looking storm but still very interesting!

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