Duck species declared extinct

Alaotra grebe
The Alaotra grebe, a kind of duck that lived only in Madagascar, has been officially declared extinct.

From The Telegraph:

The grebe was wiped out by habitat destruction, by the introduction of a carnivorous fish called the snakehead murrel and by nylon gill-nets which accidentally caught and drowned many birds.
“No hope now remains for this species. It is another example of how human actions can have unforeseen consequences,” said Leon Bennun, director of science at BirdLife International.

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18 Responses to Duck species declared extinct

  1. James G says:

    How can they be sure that the ducks are extinct? There could be a few that they have never seen or something, but still. The picture of it looks like a pretty cool duck.

  2. Sam S says:

    WHATT!! Ducks aren’t my favorite animal, jack henry and avery, but i like animals and whenever they are extinct i get sad. The duck in the picture is so cute too.

  3. Robert says:

    Sad. I wonder if there are other duck species similar to this one. It has weird eyes, like it’s hypnotized.

  4. Etienne says:

    I agree with Robert and James there could be more of those kind of ducks somewhere in Madagascar that hasn’t been found yet.

  5. nick k says:

    I agree with James. How can they be so sure that it is extict. It doesn’t look like some kind of super-rare duck to me. I think that they should do some more research about this.

  6. Thomas L. says:

    Okay….. are they REALLY sure that they are extinict? I agree with James. Madagascar is a big island and there could be a few ducks hiding….

  7. matt p says:

    how exactly did they go extinct? i mean they all couldn’t have died because of some rare disease that kills them all at once

  8. Jack says:

    Yeah i agree with Thomas, James and Nick. How would they exactly know that the ducks are completely extinct. If they are it’s sad because the ducks just were defenseless birds and those crazy fish ate their faces off and killed them.

  9. Will Eye Am says:

    Now nick i loves ducks and all but if its extinct, ITS EXTINCT, they wouldn’t put that on the news if it wasn’t true.


  10. JoSePh says:

    oh no! they were so cute!

  11. Oilgig Rednaxela (Alex Giglio) says:

    I agree with James, but I can’t believe that an entire species has gone extinct. And the worst part is that the most recent species to go functionally extinct extinct, the Baiji Dolphin, only went extinct in 2006. That’s an extinct species every four years!

  12. Saheer says:

    Thats so sad! i love animals and i hate when they go estinct

  13. This is not Sam Duffy its William Corman says:

    Oilgig, I dont know who you are but if its every four years I would imagine that it would happen sooner everytime an animal becomes extinct. Then there goes humanity.

  14. This is not Sam Duffy its William Corman says: go there it shows that the baiji dolphin is found

  15. Sam G says:

    I think that the animal is not extinct. Like what william showed us you cant always be to sure. Everybody makes mistakes

  16. Avery... says:

    I don’t think that, that kind of duck is extinct. Scientist claimed that this weird kind of shark was extinct, but no it was found in Japan. DUCKS ARE DEFENSELESS!

  17. Harrison says:

    I agree with James G but it’s pretty unlikely that is will ever be seen for a couple of years as the last sighting was in 1985. however, the coelacanth was thought to be extinct and a fisherman caught one a year ago.

  18. Peter L says:

    This is why we have to stop destroying animals or else they will all go extinct. Why did they come up with such a weird name for an animal?

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