Letter writing

If you are planning to write a letter to President Obama or BP CEO Anthony Hayward, consider these tips for writing an effective letter:

1) Handwrite it (unless your handwriting is hard to read).
2) Start by being polite/respectful
3) In paragraph two, get to the point and be specific. Say what’s on your mind. If you’re upset about something, don’t sugarcoat it, but don’t be mean, either.
4) Offer a suggestion or idea for a solution to the problem.
5) Thank them for listening to you.
6) Sign the letter (by hand, even if you typed the letter), and identify yourself (“6th grader, Collegiate School, New York City)

I’ll collect your letters tomorrow and send them in.

Here’s the speech I showed in class that reiterates what makes an effective letter–not all of his points apply to you, but it’s a good summary of how to get noticed by a politician or CEO.

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