Deepwater Horizon

Satellite view of oil spillImage source (and another interesting article!):
Rig on fireImage source (and lots more incredible photos!):

The oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is truly an environmental disaster. It will likely ravage the coastal environment of all of the Gulf states (Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Texas) and destroy the fishing industry there, causing major economic damage as well.

More than 200,000 gallons (5,000 barrels) of oil are spilling into the Gulf every day, and while BP is trying several strategies to contain the spill, it’s not certain that they will work, and they will take time; the spill will continue for at least several more weeks.

If you want more information, this blog has links to the best articles and graphics about the spill. Thanks to Mr. Ragone for finding the link.

If you’d like to write the the CEO of BP, Anthony Hayward, about the damage that this explosion is causing and how you think they should respond to it, or to President Obama about his proposal to expand off-shore oil drilling, I will give you extra credit and send them for you.

(If you choose to write a letter, it should be about a page and you should use the links in this post to learn a bit more about the oil spill, so that you can write a thoughtful letter. Use facts when making your argument, and be polite!)

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