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Jupiter's missing belt

The major dark band in Jupiter’s southern hemisphere has disappeared! Amateur astronomers noticed that it was fading a few months ago, but since then Jupiter has been behind the Sun, invisible from Earth. When it reemerged, the band was almost … Continue reading

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Space Shuttle Atlantis's final mission

The picture above is an amazing photo showing the space shuttle Atlantis about to dock with the International Space Station on its final mission. They passed in front of the sun for a half-second and a photographer in Spain was … Continue reading

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Mount Saint Helens, 30 years later

Mount Saint Helens erupted in a colossal explosion 30 years ago, on May 18, 1980 (incidentally, exactly a week before my little sister was born). The eruption was so great that the entire northern side of the mountain was blasted … Continue reading

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Duck species declared extinct

The Alaotra grebe, a kind of duck that lived only in Madagascar, has been officially declared extinct. From The Telegraph: The grebe was wiped out by habitat destruction, by the introduction of a carnivorous fish called the snakehead murrel and … Continue reading

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Sopping up oil with hair and pantyhose?

We talked about some of the solutions BP is considering for trying to slow and eventually stop the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. But apparently one of the best materials to sop up oil is human hair. Just like birds … Continue reading

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Letter writing

If you are planning to write a letter to President Obama or BP CEO Anthony Hayward, consider these tips for writing an effective letter: 1) Handwrite it (unless your handwriting is hard to read). 2) Start by being polite/respectful 3) … Continue reading

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Deepwater Horizon

Image source (and another interesting article!): Image source (and lots more incredible photos!): The oil spill at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig is truly an environmental disaster. It will likely ravage the coastal environment of all of the … Continue reading

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