The Story of Stuff

Story of Stuff
Here’s the link to the web video we watched in class. Feel free to watch it again, or one of the other videos on the site.

Want to change the world? The site lists 10 things you can do to get started.

If you’re skeptical about any of the facts or statistics in the video, you can see a script that’s marked up with footnotes for all of the sources of information.

Click around the site for ways to become more educated consumers, making better decisions about what things to buy and how to improve the system.

Leave a comment to talk about your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the video!

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7 Responses to The Story of Stuff

  1. Coleman! says:

    This video intrigued me. Relizing that we are cosnuming all our resources on this fast track and that we will evenutally have none left honestly, scared me! I agree with what the woman said. If we continue on this lineiar cycle and find no other alternetive to making new resocurces we will burn out and have none left whcihc would leave us with no way to make products and which putting simply would completely ruin us.

  2. Charles says:

    After watching that video I’m going to try to be a better consumer and only buy things that are necessary. However, I think some of her opinions are contriversial and I don’t like the part where the government shines the shoe of the coorperation. I think that is sending the viewers the wrong message.

  3. GrIfFiN says:

    I loved this video, how it wasn’t real pictures. It was like the info without the gore. It’s sad that in 20 years we go bye bye T_T

  4. Ok… Like I said in 6C I hate to break it too the lady who wrote this video but we can all try to do our part for example one suggestion to factories send the product EX: Ipod to the store in one huge box with 90 ipods and then cell them out of 1 BIG BOX! But even this small change wont help too much. They need to start out small some where…

  5. Harrison says:

    Half of the product that the stores are selling you is the actual object, the other half is the presentation, ex. the box, the plastic covering, the commercials, etc. perhaps if microsoft suddenly stopped packaging their products that would help the earth but it is unlikely that that would happen. that’s against the american way of thinking. In respect to our planet’s welfare civilization is the worst thing that has happened. i mean we were happily hunting animals and then a couple thousand years later there’s a huge hole in the ozone layer and everyone is going to die in a couple of years unless the world ends in 2012.

  6. Kyle C. says:

    This video was ok. But i didnt like listening to that woman whine about how she thinks the government and the companies are completly wrong. she should go out there and do some actual stuff to help otherwise i cant listen to her

  7. holden says:

    The oil spill is killing the sea life in the ocean. Thats why were should use wind power, solar power, and water power. Some body should do something about it. it should be me!!!!!

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