Guest post: Brennan

Brennan writes:

Hi, I found an amazing video of a a solar eruption in the sun.
I saw it on CNN. Apparently NASA had taken the video. I thought it might be a cool video to post on the blog.
It shows a prominence occurring–it’s a pretty cool video.

Here’s the link.

There’s more here.

Thanks, Brennan!

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22 Responses to Guest post: Brennan

  1. nick k says:

    Wow. We did so much research on it, it is cool to finally see it happen. It kind of came out of no where. If you didn’t read the title of the video you wouldn’t know what was coming.

  2. Alex G. says:

    They say that that prominence is larger than the earth. It would stink to be inside that. I wonder if a prominence could reach earth.

  3. Matthewp says:

    I just saw the same video on

  4. Callum J. says:

    I saw this same video on CNN and it was really interesting. I cannot believe that the prominence was larger than Earth. That is so cool. Thanks Brennan for posting this on the blog.

  5. Johnny S. says:

    Nick your totally right. And no offence to Mr. Allen why couldn’t you have shown us one of those? and yes i know one may not have happened but you could at least have shown us an older one!!!!!

  6. Nick W says:

    This is addressed to Johnny. The satellite (SDO) that took the footage has been launched very recently, and NASA has just released the footage, so there was no way that Mr. Allen could have showed us that.

    How could a satellite stay in such close orbit to the sun without burning up?

  7. manny says:

    wow these video is really HD it is so cool

  8. Nicholas says:

    nick W, the satellite can’t have been that close to the sun because that prominence is bigger that the Earth so if the earth is shrunken to that small of a size I don’t think it was THAT close.

  9. Peter L says:

    I didn’t know that NASA could get such a good picture of a prominence. Also, i can’t believe that the prominence alone was the size of Earth. That just shows how big the universe actually is.

  10. Robert says:

    How can the probe that was shooting the video be that close to the sun without burning up? It’s really cool to actually watch the prominence come up and then dissipate.

  11. Kyle S. says:

    That was amazing how they could get the camera so close without it exploding. It is like a giant flaming string flying out of a fire pit.

  12. twebb says:

    the promanice looked huge. How the camera not burn.

  13. Everett Witt says:

    That is bigger than Earth and that is huge is it possible to have a big enough prominence to burn or scorch Earth?

  14. Harrison says:

    In response to all of you who are asking about the prominence reaching earth I think that that is impossible. The sun is 92,955,800 miles away. the sun is 870,000 miles in diameter. Unless the prominence is over 106 times bigger than the sun it’s not going to happen. The numbers may not be completely accurate.

  15. Jack says:

    This is really cool. Ive seen pictures and diagrams of prominences but not a video. What’s awesome is that it’s in HD and really clear. That is one big prominence

  16. Alex P. says:

    How did they get that video? Wouldn’t the video camera get burned and fried? But cool because you always see the sun as a dot from far away but know you see what is happening on the surface.

  17. Alex G. says:

    The satellite is not close. The camera can just zoom in really close. Also, if you don’t believe that a camera can zoom in that much, look at the images from Google Earth. All of those are high quality images, yet the satellites are very far away.

  18. Etienne says:

    Wow. I have never seen something like this of the sun before I think its crazy that they can make cameras with a zoom that can take quality pictures of the sun.

  19. Thomas L. says:

    Awesome! It’s cool to see something that we learned in class in real life!! 😀

    I wonder if the picture was taken by a satellite or a person in a spaceship… wait, isn’t that impossible? Wouldn’t the gravity pull you into the Sun?!

  20. Will eye Am says:

    its amazing to see how its quality is so good

  21. I never knew that a prominence could be bigger than Earth!!!!!! Its so cool something could explode on the sun even though it’s not solid. “The sun is a mass of Incandescent gas a gigantic nuclear furnace! Where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature at millions of degrees!!!!”

    Cool post, Brennan

  22. A-V-E-R-Y??? says:

    OK BRENNAN AWESOME POST! I cannot believe that a prominence is bigger then earth. Hey, studying prominence really paid off. By the way A dog double t, love the quote!

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