Plate Boundary animations

(Updated to fix incorrect link.)

Here are the plate boundary animations I showed you in class today. You should also review the diagram on p. 34-35. Good luck on Monday’s quest!

Continental Drift: drag the continents to see how they fit, or click the arrow to watch Pangaea form.

Basic Plate Boundaries: a basic illustration of a (ocean to ocean) divergent boundary, a (ocean to continent) convergent boundary, and a transform boundary.

The Process of Rifting: watch a rift valley form (continent to continent divergent boundary)

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2 Responses to Plate Boundary animations

  1. Robert says:

    It’s really cool to watch the process of Pangaea changing into the continents we know today, and the continents even look like they fit together.

  2. Kyle S. says:

    Ha. Did anyone realize that you can try and place the continents in the right place to form Pangea.

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