An unusual view of the International Space Station

NASA released this picture of the moon–that little white dot in the dark side of the moon is the International Space Station. Pretty cool!

Speaking of the space station, it’s been getting some new equipment lately. On February 8th, NASA’s space shuttle Endeavor delivered a pressurized living unit and a big bay window built by the European Space Agency.

Right now, the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module “Leonardo” is docked with the ISS, dropping off new supplies and picking up materials and trash to return to Earth.

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11 Responses to An unusual view of the International Space Station

  1. Philippe says:

    That’s really cool. I heard there was a problem though with one of the pieces of equipment the “Endeavor” dropped off.

  2. Griffin T. says:

    is that tiny dot the Space Station?

  3. Timmy says:

    That’s so cool. Hopefully the new equipment that nasa created will be useful to help us understand more of the universe. If we are able to have a living unit on the moon, then astronauts will be able to go to farther planets. Maybe then we will find some specimen of life on another planet.

  4. Harrison says:

    Wow. The ISS looks like a rectangular star. i always wondered what happened to the trash. it must suck to be in the leonardo though because they probably have to transport the human waste along with the trash back to earth. They are changing the leonardo into a pressurized multipurpose model.

  5. Callum. J says:

    Wow this is really cool, I never knew how interesting the moon could be. It looks soooooooo big. Very Cool.

  6. Nick K says:

    it is funny that the ISS is in the picture, It makes it look so small. If you don’t read the article it looks like a star but it would have to be a very big star, if it was a star because there are no other stars in the picture

  7. Julian P says:

    Cool, I’m so excited we’ve finally made a space station, is anyone up there? It’s so small compared to the moon!

  8. Denis W. says:

    That is so cool, before I read the article I thought that little bright dot was a star, or maybe something extremely weird that happens once ever something years. But then I read that it is ONLY the International Space Station (sarcasm)! I wonder what else we will find on the moon.

  9. Etienne says:

    Is the ISS on the moon or is it just orbiting around it?And are there any people up their yet?

  10. Ticks says:

    wow its amazing that they can actually build a space station in the first place

  11. stevie g says:

    I dont understand how they can get the space station up there

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