Breaking the sound barrier, without a plane!

“Fearless” Felix Baumgartner has a history of jumping off of high places. He’s a skydiver who has already jumped of two of the world’s tallest buildings. He’s attempting to break the world record for height on a jump, leaping off of a helium balloon high in the stratosphere. He’ll free fall for five minutes, exceeding the speed of sound and creating a sonic boom before his parachute opens, taking him down to the ground. The New York Times has the whole strange story. (Be sure to watch the video, too.)

Don’t try this for an SWN entry, okay?

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9 Responses to Breaking the sound barrier, without a plane!

  1. Julian P says:

    Wow that’s incredible, sorry i forgot to post last night. I would never skydive that high up in fact i’d probably never skydive. Felix sure is crazy. But if he pulls his parachute going at the speed he’ll be going, won’t the parachute simply rip in half? He could die. Definitely crazy!


  2. Harrison says:

    Nobody knows what will happen after he breaks the sound barrier. NASA designed a special spacesuit for him but you cannot test the conditions he will be going through. The current record holder for the highest jump nearly got killed when the parachute chord got tangled around his neck. felix is taking big risks.

  3. Saheer says:

    well, i agree with harrison that he is taking a big risk but some people are just that crazy! i was thinking, if he creates a sonic boom, wouldn’t that impact kill him?

  4. Nicholas says:

    Wow, I don’t know whether that would be what I would want to pursue in life. He is more than a little bit nuts. It is also cool, I would never have thought that you could break the sound barrier in anything other than a rocket or an airplane. I agree with Harrison. There are so many risks. If you’re free falling that long who knows what could get tangled up or twisted or broken.

    Sorry I didn’t post last week. Where I was there was no internet access.

  5. Nick W says:

    He’s going to die. He’ll get ripped apart and die. I hope he doesn’t, but I know he will. I can’t understand why a person would do such a thing.

  6. jose says:

    hey sorry about not putting up a comment sooner I was busy, anyway WOW!! that is so cool he broke the sound barrior without a plane thats awsom I also agree with harrison that he is taking huge risks for if something malfunctions then he is dead or seriously injured but he is a really cool dude. 🙂

  7. Alex Perel says:

    That must be so scary! jumping off tall buildings. But is probably scarier jumping off an unstabable balloon. Does he have anything attahced to him? I hope he does not die!

  8. Will eye Am says:

    That is insane, what buildings did he sky dive off of and would something happen to you if you went at the speed of sound… DIE

  9. Joseph C says:

    Wow! that sounds really cool and scary!

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