Closeup photos of Mars's moon

The European Space Agency’s unmanned spacecraft “Mars Express,” which is in orbit around Mars, has taken the sharpest pictures of Mars’s moon Phobos ever, in preparation for a proposed Russian mission to land a probe there.

Based on the photos and data taken about the moon’s gravity, scientists hope to learn how Phobos formed (as you know, the prevailing theory is that it is a captured asteroid, but there are other possibilities), and whether it is solid all the way through, or a loose clump of space rocks.


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15 Responses to Closeup photos of Mars's moon

  1. Saheer says:

    Its kind of cool to see how different it is from ours.

  2. Robert says:

    The moons seem like asteroids because of their shape, but what if they really are circular moons that were misshaped by ateroids?

  3. Everett says:

    as Saheer said it is kind of cool to see a different moon, and its also cool to know that this moon does not look like a normal sphere, because it was not big enough to shape itself.

  4. Thomas L. says:

    I wonder if there is anything that has life on Mars…
    I mean another lifeform. Do you think we should bomb Mars to see if there is any life? (like we did to the moon for water)

  5. theo w says:

    nasa must be very mad because the russians got very good pictures. this could start a space race!!!!!

  6. SAM s says:

    does tho moon look lopsided because it got hit by the asteroids. I think i remember that from class a while ago. by the way theo we landed a rover on mars already so yea…

  7. Coleman! says:

    I agree with Thomas cause wasnt there something abou water on Mars? Also the moon looks like an astroid nothing like our moon which is like a perfect sphere. I wonder what the oucome will be….?

  8. Etienne says:

    I think that, that moon looks similar to our moon. I also agree with what Theo said I don’t think NASA will be to happy that Russians got the best picture of one of Mars’s moon.

  9. Jack says:

    This moon looks cooler than our moon. This moon seems lumpy and deformed. There are a ton of deep craters on it. I agree that it got hit by asteroids which explains the shape.

  10. Saheer says:

    Well jack, i think that you only think that it is cooler because it seems out of the ordinary. if our moon was wacky shaped then you would think a spherical moon would be weird

  11. Philip says:

    I think it is really cool that they are going to send a probe to Mars. maybe there will be life on it.

  12. Brennan says:

    I agree with Everett and Saheer

  13. jose says:

    that moon is so cool because like jack said it has so many craters and is so wierd looking but I agree with saheer if we had a moon like mars’s and we saw a perfectly round moon than we would probly say thats so wierd. 🙂

  14. stevie G says:

    wow European space agency thats pretty cool.

  15. Harrison says:

    Wow! the moon looks like a asteroid. like Mr. allen said it probably is a captured asteroid from the asteroid belt or a bunch of rocks.

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