Daylight Saving Time

Since yesterday was the start of Daylight Saving Time, I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit more about why we change the clocks.

This site has a lot of cool facts and info about DST, including its history, regional differences, and controversies and oddities. Did you know it can change the birth order of twins? If one twin was born on Daylight Saving Day in the fall at 1:45 am, and his twin was born a half-hour later, he’d be born at 1:15 am!

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6 Responses to Daylight Saving Time

  1. Nick K. says:

    I guess the 2nd twin born gets to have the bragging rights.

  2. Harrison says:

    Daylight saving time actually doesn’t save any Daylight. The idea was concieved because people like long summer evenings.

  3. SAM s says:

    I love daylight savings because i like daylight and to save it is good

  4. Joseph says:

    I like daylight savings, you get to stay up later! but have to wake up Earlier! 🙁

  5. alex p says:

    thats cool for the second twin to say you born at one time but really another. But it might kind of stink for the first twin. I also think that it is weird that if the first twin was born before the second, , that is why it is the first twin, without time but really second with time.

  6. AVERY says:

    I had no idea about that! That is so cool. I found it interesting that you would think I was born at this time, but really there was day light savings so you were not really born at that time. That would stink for the first twin!!!

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