High Resolution photos of the Earth

The image I used as the header image for this blog came from high-resolution photos of Earth. They were taken by a camera on board NASA’s satellite “Terra,” which is in orbit 435 miles above the Earth.

You can see more images here and here.

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4 Responses to High Resolution photos of the Earth

  1. Will Eye Am says:

    This is such a clear photo from sooooooooooooo (etcetera) far away. there are a lot of clouds in northern United states.

  2. max poobear says:

    these pictures are so clear it looks fake. i wonder what type of camera this is, and if it is one with mega pixels, how many MP would it have?

  3. Everett says:

    As will said this is a high resolution photo and you can see all of the cool things that earth has on it and there are a ton of clouds that are blocking North America and there are strange little blue spot close to Florida and the Caribbean

  4. Nick W says:

    Those little spots are probably the islands in the Caribbean.

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