6.9 aftershock in Chile occurs during presidential inauguration!

Chile’s new president,Sebastián Piñera, was inaugurated today. During the ceremony, the central part of the country experienced the largest aftershock yet from the 8.8 earthquake that occurred on February 27. While there have been many aftershocks since the earthquake, this was the largest.

The New York Times has the full story.

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25 Responses to 6.9 aftershock in Chile occurs during presidential inauguration!

  1. Carter S. says:

    This earthquake is very unfortunate to the chilean people, luckily, they were prepared and didn’t suffer as many casualties. 6.9 on the rictor sale is a huge earthquake, Chile has faced many earthquakes in recent history.

  2. Philip P. says:

    I cannot beleive that the Chilean earthquake aftershock was a 6.9. That is only one point lower than the Haiti earthquake and this is an aftershock. Also this must suck for the president

  3. theow says:

    I can not belive it was that strong it could of killed alot of people!!!

  4. Sam G says:

    That is so amazing. I cant belive that it would do that. That is so powerful

  5. Charles says:

    Does anybody know if any country around Chile was effected?

  6. Roscoe says:

    I can’t belive that they went through with the inaguration even after there had just been ANOTHER earthquake, wow. Their determined!!!!

  7. sams says:

    How often do you get a 8.2 earthquake followed by a 6.9 aftershock? and of all the times for an earthquake to hit, during the inauguration?

  8. alex G says:

    I heard that the first earthquake moved the earth’s axis and moved a city in chile ten feet west. It is amazing how powerful earthquakes can be. Also, did the city have to change zip codes or time zones after the quake. Hahaha.

  9. Coleman says:

    I find it very strange that these earthquakes keep occuring. I know that Chilie is on like plates or something so they have lots of earthquakes, but what about all the other earthquakes? I know they are all completely unrealted, but I can’t help wondering if there is something going on cause there has been so many!

  10. Philippe says:

    That is horrible. They finally start recovering and then they are hit by an aftershock.

  11. Peter L. says:

    Wow! I feel really bad for the president and the Chilean people. Right when he was about to be inaugurated, the earthquake struck. When are the earthquakes going to stop?

  12. Callum J says:

    Wow, I feel terrible for the Chileans but thank god they had better structure buildings unlike the Haitians had. Still, what a big blow for the Chileans.

  13. Thomas L. says:

    It must’ve been terrible for the Chileans! I mean would you like to experience an earthquake when you’re inaugurated?!?

    At least the buildings had better foundations than Haiti… Still, both the earthquakes had a large effect on the two countries… 🙁

  14. Robert says:

    Well, the new president certainly had a shock-ing start to his term. As for the people, I suppose by now the whole country is preparing for another aftershock. This fault line must be really active.

  15. manny says:

    I cant believe that the aftershock in Chile was the biggest aftershock ever.

  16. Denis W. says:

    I feel terrible for the Chileans, a devastating earthquake of 8.8 followed by a 6.9. At least they were well prepared with building strutured to sustain these earthquakes unlike in Haiti. Still, what a big blow for the Chileans.

  17. Etienne says:

    I feel terrible for the people of Chile. They thought they were done with their earthquake but they had a 6.9 aftershock which could be considered its own earthquake!

  18. Timmy says:

    The Earthquake in Chili occurred because the South American Plate and the Nazca plate were colliding. But since not a lot of Earthquakes occurred on those plates lately, (besides the Chilean quake) there was a lot of stress on those two plates. So that huge 8.8 quake occurred to release the stress. Then, since there was still stress, the 6.9 aftershock quake occurred, and finally the stress levels went down.

  19. Will Eye Am says:

    How can an after shock of an earthquake be so high and could there be another after shock of the same power heading in the other direction?

  20. max poobear says:

    This earthquake was so powerful that even the after shock would have been considered incredibly strong had it been its own earthquake. For the aftershock to be during the presidential inauguration is just an unfortunate coincident. Although the 8.8 earthquake was incredibly strong and devastating (even more powerful than the one in Haiti), it was nearly as catastrophic because the country of Chili was far better equipped to handle the damage in case of a natural disaster. While the quake in Chile was over ten times stronger, it did not cause nearly as much loss of life and destruction as the one in Haiti.

  21. Everett says:

    This is an aftershock, of the original Chilean earthquake, and yet this quake was almost as strong as the earthquake that hit Haiti not to long before and this sucks for the people because they were about to celebrate that they had a knew president

  22. Jack says:

    This aftershock was almost as big as the Earthquake in Haiti. This must have been terrible for Chile because they were probably trying to repair the damage and find the missing people from the Earthquake and a 6.9 aftershock hit. Not a good start for the presidents term.


  23. Nick K. says:

    I agree with Roscoe. They must be very determined to continue with the inaguration ever after a huge earthquake like that.

  24. Thomas L. says:

    Yikes! 4 large earthquakes in a row… wow…
    This was as destructive as the earthquake in Haiti… 🙁

    BTW, who is ‘Timmy’?

  25. Griffin T (is so cool) says:

    Wow that really stinks for that guy, at least he has good publicity and stuff like that but really thats kinda funny in a bad way 🙂

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