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Breaking the sound barrier, without a plane!

“Fearless” Felix Baumgartner has a history of jumping off of high places. He’s a skydiver who has already jumped of two of the world’s tallest buildings. He’s attempting to break the world record for height on a jump, leaping off … Continue reading

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ABE was an “autonomous underwater vehicle,” which basically means it was a robot submarine. It could be programmed with a set of instructions and do deep-sea dives on its own, recording its observations for scientists. It gave us a lot … Continue reading

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A new square on the periodic table

It’s easy to think of what elements would theoretically be like as they get bigger and bigger, but once you get to a certain point, they are unstable and aren’t found in nature. These large, theoretical elements don’t get official … Continue reading

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Closeup photos of Mars's moon

The European Space Agency’s unmanned spacecraft “Mars Express,” which is in orbit around Mars, has taken the sharpest pictures of Mars’s moon Phobos ever, in preparation for a proposed Russian mission to land a probe there. Based on the photos … Continue reading

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What's living beneath the ice?

NASA doesn’t only study space! They also study the Earth, and the recently drilled an eight-inch hole through the Antarctic ice sheet. In the darkness 600 feet below the ice, where no light shines, they expected to find only microscopic … Continue reading

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Daylight Saving Time

Since yesterday was the start of Daylight Saving Time, I thought you might be interested in learning a little bit more about why we change the clocks. This site has a lot of cool facts and info about DST, including … Continue reading

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What is your favorite science experiment website?

Now that we’re in trimester 3, it can be hard to think of ideas for Science Writer’s Notebook entries. As you know, I recommend the Exploratorium website for cool science experiments you can do at home, but I know that … Continue reading

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6.9 aftershock in Chile occurs during presidential inauguration!

Chile’s new president,Sebastián Piñera, was inaugurated today. During the ceremony, the central part of the country experienced the largest aftershock yet from the 8.8 earthquake that occurred on February 27. While there have been many aftershocks since the earthquake, this … Continue reading

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Geologic effects of the Chilean Earthquake

As we discussed in class, the recent Chilean Earthquake was fifth most powerful earthquake recorded in the past hundred years, at a magnitude of 8.8. When quakes get that strong, they cause changes to the Earth. The articles below discuss … Continue reading

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High Resolution photos of the Earth

The image I used as the header image for this blog came from high-resolution photos of Earth. They were taken by a camera on board NASA’s satellite “Terra,” which is in orbit 435 miles above the Earth. You can see … Continue reading

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